Bishopsgate Bolt

Equinox, the high-performance lifestyle leader, put City workers through their world-record paces with the launch of ‘Bishopsgate Bolt’ – a cutting edge running track that pit participants against the world’s fastest runner in a virtual setting, right in the heart of the City.



Athlete, Thom Evans was the first person to take on the challenge, completing the Bishopsgate Bolt in 10.93 seconds, 1.35 seconds behind the current world record.

The 20-metre-long, two-lane track was designed to determine each participant’s 10 metre sprint time .  The second lane featured LED chevrons that lit up to display the time it takes for the current fastest person on earth to run 10 metres.

City workers were invited to take to the track on Thursday 28th November at Bishops Square. Robo Challenge designed & created this unique sprint track along with State-of-the-art laser technology recording each participant’s 10-metre time. The bespoke software recorded every runners fastest time and compared them in a live league table to the fastest man on the planet.