The Gadget Show

FIVE’s hit TV show, The Gadget Show, has been the benchmark technology program for over 10 years. Each week the team behind the show showcase and review the latest gadgets & technology available to consumers. One exciting element of the show has been challenging the presenters to break world records and invent gadgets of the future. With a new episode each week, keeping the show creative & new is a huge challenge. This is where our expertise has really supported the show. Since 2007 Robo Challenge has worked closely with the Gadget Show as consultants to help develop new & innovative ideas, H&S requirements and project feasibility studies. To this day we have designed & produced over 60 amazing and individual projects for the show. We have created all manner of gadgets and technology from a web controlled lifelike robot & steampunk style coffee machine to a chainsaw powered dragster and a personal fitness drone! The list of incredible gadgets goes on..

I genuinely think that our Robot Wars episode was one of the best projects we have worked on at the Gadget Show. This was mainly down to the professionalism and ‘never say no’ attitude of the Robo Challenge team. When presented with problems, they just kept on going until they were solved, without fuss and always being on hand to answer any questions we had.

Grant, James and Nick took a hugely ambitious project and carried it out with enthusiasm and hard work, achieving fantastic results which were above and beyond what we expected when we started out. Plus, we even won the challenge! Without doubt, I’ll be giving them first option to help me out on future builds for the show.

– Tom Norton, North One TV

Technology – 3D cad design & rendering, 3D printing, CNC machining, custom software, airbrushing, remote control and electronic systems, model making, web control, arduino, jet engines, composites, drones.

Outcomes – The Gadget Show sees a consistent viewer audience of approximately 1 million viewers per week. Our projects have not only been a great source of creative entertainment but have helped explain to the audience how gadgets & technology work. These special projects have earned the team 2 Guinness World Records and are seen by tens of thousand of people each year at The Gadget Show Live.