Giant Attacknids

Midlands based toy inventor/distributor Wow Stuff! wanted to raise the international profile of their exciting new toy, the Attacknid. A six legged remote control combat spider toy. With competitors marketing budgets being so high Wow Stuff needed a different solution that would grab people’s attention, something that would give their marketing campaign the wow factor! The idea was to create an army of 5ft tall fully working Attacknids which would be sent all over the world to gain media attention at unique events. All Wow Stuff needed was a team that could bring the idea to life! We were immediately brought in to consult our client on how to make such an ambitious PR stunt a reality. The wide range of expertise at Robo Challenge enabled us to design the 85kg mechanical spiders and run simulations to ensure this unique proposal was achievable within our clients budget & tight timescales. Our team then set to work to produce the 5ft tall combat creatures in house before being shipped to the UK, Europe, UAE & USA.

With any business you always get the weird and wonderful projects that you don’t quite know how to complete. We wanted to build 5ft versions of our 1ft toys and found Robo Challenge who were the perfect people to use. They can create anything, from anything!  In their workshop full of machines and rapid prototypers, they’re skilled and driven to create any project from PR stunts to launch events. Always working around the clock to meet deadlines, Robo Challenge cannot just build masterpieces but create custom programs or applications too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for your next ‘crazy’ project.- Chris Hood, Wow Stuff.

Technology – 3D CAD design, simulation & rendering, sculpting, model making and fibreglass composites, mechanical engineering, arduino, custom software, airbrushing, remote control, motors and electronic systems.

Outcomes – The Giant Attacknids featured on a number of high profile TV shows including BBC’s Absolute Genius, channel FIVEs The Gadget Show and Channel 4’s Gadget Man with an approximate audience of 3 million viewers. The Attacknids also featured in Wow Stuff’s own online videos and KFC’s 2013 Christmas TV Ad which gained almost 1 million views from youtube alone.