Samsung NXRover

Samsung unveiled the world’s first 4g enabled camera, the Galaxy NX. A camera that allows you to share quality images instantly via 4g.  Samsung’s challenge was getting photographers to believe this was possible.

Step in Robo Challenge. Our team designed & created a robot as unique as the camera itself, the NX Rover. Inspired by the Mars rover and the products design & functionality, the NX Rover was fully controllable online allowing people to accurately manoeuvre the camera, take photos and share them instantly via 4g. The NX Rover was sent on a remarkable journey exploring the planet and visiting amazing events. Thousands of pictures were taken and shared with over a million people. The Rover gained some serious attention from the media and was shortlisted for the Innovation award at Cannes as well as winning multiple industry awards.

Robo Challenge made this look so simple. Their attention to detail was amazing, always there to help us with any issue or silly question we had, always there to make sure everything runs and operates smoothly. The result was amazing and thanks to that we won a lot of different types or prizes many of which were awarded for the Innovation category.

All we can say is that working with Robo Challenge was a real pleasure. They are always our go-to team when it comes to building something that needs to “wow”

– Alex Budin, Technology Expert, Cheil UK.

Technology – 3D cad design & rendering, 3D printing, CNC machining, custom software, airbrushing, remote control and electronic systems.

Outcomes – 11000 pictures were taken and shared with 1.62million people worldwide. The NX Rover was shortlisted for Cannes Lions Innovation and was awarded bronze in the Kinsale Sharks Digital category, silver in the Interactive category of the Campaign Big Awards and the Wood Pencil in Direct Response at the D&AD Awards.