Sunset Overdrive Weapons

The exciting XBOX One exclusive game, Sunset Overdrive, is an action packed zombie cartoon shooter with all sorts of crazy opponents, weapons and gameplay. What better way can you  launch such a game with media attention than to create some of the guns from this awesome game. Not only create them, but make them fully functional working cartoon weapons. Our team was set the task to bring these whacky creations to life ready to create some unique content with youtube gaming celebrities. Working from screen grabs off the pre released game our team set about creating 2 of the coolest Sunset Overdrive guns. Our 3D printers were running around the clock to make the parts while our engineering team had a great time testing the prototypes.

Working with the Robo Challenge team was an absolute pleasure. They delivered to brief and within an incredibly tight timeframe. Their eagerness to go above and beyond was greatly appreciated and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as a partner.- James Bruce, Associate Director, Edelman.

Technology – 3D cad design & rendering, 3D printing, CNC machining, Arduino, airbrushing, wood work, pneumatics, motors & electronic systems.

Outcomes –  The 3 unique videos created with the gaming stars earned over 1,400,000 views on YouTube alone. The guns were also seen on display by over 100,000 people at the Gadget Show Live.