Robot Wars

 2016 saw the return of the iconic robot battling show ‘Robot Wars‘ on BBC 2. Presented by Dara O’Brain & Angela Scanlon, this exhilarating show sees amateur builders create their own fighting robots at home. Each team brings their creation to the bullet proof Robot Wars Arena in an all out contest to be crowned Robot Wars Champions.


With such groundbreaking advances in technology and specialist know-how required to make the show possible, Mentorn TV needed a partner to help make this reboot a reality. We jumped at the opportunity to help bring back the show which was a huge inspiration to our team. Our headline project though was to design and create the iconic House Robots. These included Sir Killalot, Matilda, Shunt & Dead Metal which were all created in house at Robo Challenge. All hugely upgraded, modernised and more brutal than ever, these giant guardians of the arena are ready to take on any competitors that stray into their zones! Robo Challenge  also provided key consultancy services to help design the new arena, develop how the format works and create new rules & safety regulations for teams appearing on the show. Our experienced team also ran the technical side of the event during filming to ensure the battles ran smoothly and to the highest safety standards.


We were delighted to be part of such an iconic show which returned to BBC 2 for three series and 4 special episodes. A show that enlivens, inspires, teaches and entertains.