To launch the new Xbox One exclusive game ReCore, London based PR company Assembly Media wanted to bring the star of the game to life. Mack, a canine corebot, is usually running around saving the world however we wanted to catch up with him on his day off!


Cue Robo Challenge!


We were very excited to bring this unique character to life however it had to be right, he had to look like he jumped straight out of the game. Mack, like all canines, has complex joints to enable him to move. Naturally the game version of Mack isn’t concerned with gravity or how his legs would have to actually work so this would be the biggest challenge. Our team set about designing an internal skeleton which would house the 12 motors for his legs and all the electronics. Custom made gearboxes were required to ensure all the mechanical elements were concealed and yet strong enough to actuate the character and take his weight. Once the skeleton was complete it required over 1000 hours of 3d printing to create all the body work before every little detailed was hand airbrushed.


The results were incredible! Mack looked exactly as he did in the game which created some amazing content. He also met many of his fans at Game stores around the country kicking up a lot of media attention.